Monday, December 5, 2011

Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee

"Life is like a cup of coffee" is a powerful and inspirational video by an unknown author. This video teaches us to live simple and enjoy every second of our time in life and live it to the fullest. In the video, the cup represents all the things that we desire in life but are not necessary for a full and happy life. The coffee represents the true meaning and purpose of life. Usually the "cup" that we keep searching in our life is the source of all the stress and problems that we have. To us the "cups" represents who we are in society and to position us among other people in a higher and better state. The "cup" does not add any quality in our life, usually it only hides what we don't want others to know. The wealth, position and recognition that exists in our life is simply a bonus of what we already have, life. The "coffee" (in this story meaning life) is usually ignored by people who only seek the best "cup" in their lives. The people who enjoys life usually does not have the best "cups" in their lives. Keep life simple and enjoy it. You will never know when life is going to end.

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